What We Do - Apps

We write mobile applications for all common platforms, including Android and iOS.

We use the latest cross-platform development tools to share your business logic aross multiple platforms while still maintaining the native look and feel expected from each platform. We use a variety of tools, depending on the app's unique requirements.

Layouts can be optimized for the various sizes of phones and tablets.

Some of the tools we use

PhoneGap is often an excellent choice for businesses. The mobile web apps created with PhoneGap work very well for business tasks such as forms-based data entry and reporting. A very broad list of platforms can be supported using mobile web technology. All major platfoms are supported, including Apple's iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, as well as a variety of less common platforms, including BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Ubuntu, Tizen, and more. Apps created with PhoneGap

Appcelerator is used to build rich native applications on Android and iOS. It gives the look and feel that many users have come to expect from their mobile devices. This is accomplished by using the native controls provided by the devices' operating system, such as the back button and navigation. Apps created with Appcelerator

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